Encouraged by my favourite blog  A Beautiful Mess ,  I have decided to perfect my crafting skills and focus on something I could possibly sell and possibly make some money out of. So I am trying to break in to the……..(drum roll) Handmade Jewellery world!

Yup I’m going to do it, it has been a little dream of mine to try to become brilliant at one of my many little finger twitching hobbies (knitting/card making/jewellery making/ attempting to learn to draw making) and start a little craft stall. So with inspiration from such blogs as A Beautiful mess I decided to try give myself until December to create something good so I can have a stall ready for Christmas.

I present my latest creations with the aid of the Beautiful Mess photo app for iPhone to add a little quirkyness to my photos.

IMG_1494 IMG_1497 IMG_1485 IMG_1496 IMG_1495

I have found origami to be a relaxing finger twiddling past time and decided how wonderful it would be to make the delicate paper objects in to beautiful pieces of jewellery.

It is a challenge trying to find suitable glosses and glue to make the paper hard-wearing so someone can wear the piece without fear of squashing it. I am still discovering new ways of making the origami into suitable jewellery but hopefully my little handmade stall will be appearing at christmas.

Any constructive criticism would be great to help me along with this process.