Living with your partner for the first time opens up a new way of living. When I lived alone I hated cooking for myself, did not see the point of creating culinary creations; having someone to cook for and enjoy meals with is far more satisfying and I have discovered a deep urge to learn to cook with recipes and even attempt baking.

The cost effectiveness of some of my creations have been a little exerting to my dwindilling bank balance, especially when I could have picked up cakes and biscuits for a few pound and couple of pence if I opted for the Value range (the chocolate chip cookies from Asda value are quite yummy…actually better then my attempts Ha!)

My baking venture all started with a ripe bannana. To save the ripe bannana from the perils of the bin I decided I could make banana cupcakes with chocolate icing. I promptly went out and bought icing sugar, plain flour, vanilla extract, butter and eggs. Luckily I already had caster sugar and chocolate powder. Total expenditure was £7.40 to use up my ripe bananas which cost £1.20. The outcome was not a disaster and my enjoyment surely outweighs my loss of money….right?



My less frivolous cooking experience making rhubarb crumble. My rhubarb was free from a friend and I already had caster sugar and water to reduce it down. Flour was taken care of and had some unsalted butter left over too. All was going well, they looked delicious….until the custard.




The Birdseye custard instructions did tell me to use 2 tablespoons and a little bit of water to first make a paste. It then resembled flubber, then you add the paste to the warm milk….nothing happened. So I added more powder…it just looked like yellow milk….added more powder. Then suddenly I ended up with this.



In Korea I spent a whole day trying to make flubber out of PVA glue and corn starch for a childrens science lesson…it didnt work! Now, if I had known about custard powder.

Lesson learnt? Have patience for custard, and when trying to save money using up food do not spend more money for that said food item.