I woke up this morning feeling sad and down…worried about money and the lack of it. Upset about not being able to afford to visit friends or parents. Frustrated about not being able to pay my way and support myself and my boyfriend financially. Not  hearing from jobs I had applied for, my part-time job not wanting to give me more hours…I felt  useless. These were the thoughts which covered my head and made it difficult to get out of bed.

As I got ready for my 4 hour shift at River Island my phone rang with an unrecognised number….it was Newcastle College. The interview I had for the Administration Assistant job was my job to have if I wanted it! Oh my goodness how I cried to my new manager! Finally, I am in a Further education institute a door difficult to get in to but once in the opportunities are available.

Maybe I should change the name of this blog as I now feel a little fraudulent, as in a months time I will have a stable income which will allow more opportunity to support myself in a more comfortable way. I am just extremely grateful for this opportunity and hope I can continue to get myself where I need to be.

For those still searching for the job, its difficult but try not to give up and believe that you can do it. Its very important not to allow yourself to lose faith in your own abilities.

Here is a video my friend sent me which I think everyone needs to hear when looking for work.